Vines have grown in the heart of the Tarn for over a thousand years

Domaine D’en Ségur is located in the South-West of France, in the heart of the Tarn region. The surrounding area is known to be one of the most diverse landscapes in the modern world. Sitting at the crossroads of the Celtic and Greco-Roman invaders, the vineyard
was initially established circa 80 BC and has been home to winemaking down the centuries.

During the 12th century the Comtat of Toulouse was purported to produce excellent quality wines that were served throughout Europe.

The reputation of the wines grew with the arrival of the “Jacquets”, pilgrims visiting Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle, and the vineyard
today is situated beside the “Via Tolosana” route into North West Spain.

Domaine D’en Ségur in its modern state was created in 1989 by Mr Pierre Fabre. This famous and much respected pharmacist also created the laboratory Pierre Fabre.

For his Domaine he wished to create high quality wines that reflect his native land. Gradually rebuilding the vineyards on the historic lands and planting quality vines to promote wines that represent his background in botany, Mr Fabre envisioned unique and high quality wines that reflected his passions and those of the centuries-old winemaking styles of the Tarn region.

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